Whether You Need to Capture Leads or Drive Donations Your Website Should be Telling Your Story.

Why we do it


Whether you are a solopreneur or a small non-profit we realize you aren’t working with unlimited resources. That shouldn’t mean you have a less than stellar website. We’ll work within your budget, no matter how big or small it is.


Your website is your calling card. People need to hear your story and the stories of those you have a direct impact upon. Don’t discount how much of a voice your website has and how it can work for you not against you.


As an entrepreneur and former employee of several adaptive sports non-profits I understand your mission. That is why I decided to focus my business to help you convert your website visitors into leads or donors, no matter your budget.

Our Work

Maneuver Media specializes in building conversion focused websites for solopreneurs and non-profits, just like you.

Take a look for yourself…

What our customers say

“Andrew was so easy to work with. I had zero idea how to build a website, but knew what I wanted. He worked with me and my vision to create something beautiful. All I had to do was send copy and images, and viola, I had a website that speaks the truth of what I do!”

Erin Vehige | Owner, PureENV Yoga

“I’ve used multiple web “professionals” over the years, fortunately the universe brought me to Andrew! He doesn’t waste time on fancy trends that mean nothing. He gets right to the point of what you are online to do; tell people who you are, what you can do for the world, and how the world can hire you to do it.”

Bernard Edwards | Founder, Unconventional Veteran

“Andrew has a great eye for design and layout! He actually listened to the feedback I provided, put his spin on it, and out came a winner! I am really proud to have him on my team!”

CC Matthews | Owner, Tone Body Coach

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